Bob Salvatore Author | Episode 36


Leominster, Massachusetts is known for four things: Johnny Appleseed, a thriving plastics industry, Robert Cormier, and NYT bestselling author R.A. Salvatore.  With over 20 million books sold worldwide, more than four dozen books and numerous game credits, Salvatore has become one of the most important figures in modern epic fantasy.  A lifelong resident of Massachusetts, Salvatore, began writing shortly after receiving his bachelor of science degree in Communications/Medina from Fitchburg State College.

Mark Whitney Libertarian Candidate | Episode 35


Leland & Rose discuss Mark Whitney's run for the presidency!

Drink Me! Bye Cancer | Episode 34


Christina Paganelli talks to Rose & Leland about her overcoming great adversity, when she was diagnosed with both MS and an aggressively progressing cancer. With an emphasis on healing, Christina applied her science background by studying the absorption of plant based diets, enzymes and the advantage of blending vs. juicing. She originally created drinkme for herself. Christina is 15 years free of both diseases, and now gears product innovation towards proactive health and wellness.

Johnny Welsh | Episode 33


Johnny Welsh has worked as a professional bartender in Frisco, Colorado, for over twenty years. He did so well at Syracuse University that they kept him an extra year. After five years of university study, he earned a degree in Italian Language, Literature, and Culture which has been a great prerequisite for a lifelong career in the mixology arts. He can now dictate silly bar stories in two different languages. His latest hobby is twisting these topics into books.

He is the author of Paper Maps, No Apps: An Unplugged Travel Adventure. His first book, Weedgalized in Colorado, about the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, won two awards from Readers’ Favorite. Find more at

Fred Koch vs Stroke | Episode 32


Friend, Fred Koch, discusses his journey with having a stroke, with Leland & Rose.  Listen in, be that Fly on the Wall...

Hong Kong vs China | Episode 31


The gang discuss the conflict with Hong Kong & China with student Sarah Moss.

Madeline Bernstein, Presiden spcaLA | Episode 30


Leland and Rose have a conversation with Madeline Bernstein, President spcaLA

Joie Leigh from Civilian Platoon 420 | Episode 29


Leland & Rose talk to Joie Leigh, aka GI Mary Jane, from the Civilian Platoon 420!  And some guy who's running for office!  You'll meet him this year!

Phyllis Chesler Feminist Icon | Season 2 | Episode 1


The Gang have a discussion with Feminist Icon Phyllis Chesler, listen in, be that Fly on the Wall...

Mayor Bill Brand Part II | Episode 26


Mayor Bill Brand continues to discuss the local politics of Redondo Beach, California!

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